Thursday, April 17, 2014


Are organizations and businesses genuinely open to hiring external candidates?

It is a vexing question that this blogger has been asking himself a lot, as of late, while I search for full-time employment. Yes, I am very capable of keeping the wolf at bay doing my own thing. However, a bit of stability would be great. ,

It is some shagging disappointing to make the top two or three and find out you failed.  That disappointment often evolves to anger when you learn that they had already earmarked a candidate for the job and you were just part of their hiring justification process.

I do not know how many times over the past 12 months that I have spent days researching a particular role,  tailoring my resume, contacting references, attending interviews - providing insights and ideas to learn someone else received the nod.

It makes me wonder just how many companies, and government departments, waste peoples time with obviously bogus interviews.

Those hiring and interviewing always tell you that they are open to hiring an external candidate over an internal one. How genuine is that gesture? How much of the process is the company adhering to a job-hiring process for the purpose of perception?

Perhaps H.R. Departments are genuinely interested building a list of potential employees for the future, of gauging salary expectations or the competition! I know a director who always advertises to cast a net for potential recruits. He keeps a list of top candidates for future opportunities.

I suppose no one forces you to go to an interview and the employer hires the best candidate, but the process can be infuriating.

I have never been a great net-worker, I get involved with groups, causes, organizations for the experience. Milking these experiences for employment opportunities seems very self-serving. Yet, the best jobs are often not advertised and when they are a good word from a close contact is beneficial.

Perhaps, I am being too negative, I know one thing for sure, it is a tangly job market.

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