Thursday, April 17, 2014


The outcome of the Conservative leadership race in Newfoundand and Labrador was as ring fenced as the government's sanctioning of the Muskrat Falls's project.

The Leadership Race is over, Frank Coleman is now the leader, by acclimation, of the once great and powerful Progressive Conservative Party of Newfoundland and Labrador.

He becomes the fourth consecutive individual to be coronated  as leader, the second premier to be handed the reigns without a fight.

When nominations closed  on March 14th, three men were in the race. Wayne Bennett was booted out on April 03 and this morning Bill Barry announced that he was withdrawing - leaving the untried Coleman as the last man standing.

The grocery czar from the province's West coast has run a quiet campaign, offering an a scattered concessional media interview.

Not a single member of the Conservative Caucus, sitting or retired, offered themselves for the role. Instead, they banded behind Coleman who is perceived to be former Premier Danny Williams hand picked successor to his previous hand picked successor Kathy Dunderdale.

While Williams stated a few weeks ago that he was not endorsing any candidate for leader, he has been very vocal in his condemnation of  Bill Barry's bid for the job. In February, Williams said he could not support Barry, suggesting the fish magnate wanted a shortcut to the Premier's chair.

How Coleman, who has never been elected, is taking any longer route to the Premier's chair is a bit of an unknown. 

Once more, the PC Party has shown that backroom manipulations trump grassroots democracy. It was never a fair fight. The race was predetermined . The outcome fixed.

Now for the onslaught of renewal spin from the Cons.

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