Wednesday, April 9, 2014


The polls have closed in Virginia Waters - all that is left is tears of joy and defeat!

All three parties ran top tier candidates. Frankly I was surprised that Danny Breen threw his hat into the ring but with the promise of heavy artillery in the form of former Premier Danny Williams, I can see why.

A few observations.

It was a civil campaign for the most part. I picked up some vibrations at the door that some Conservative campaigners were throwing around a little mud related to foreign workers, their living conditions and the hours they work.

Beyond this, no one goofed up!

All three candidates pounded on doors and hopefully got their identified vote out.

This was a byelection with no real pressing local issue. It was caused by Kathy Dunderdale's resignation and in many ways the biggest issue was the damage she had done to the Tory brand. It was very noticeable that Dunderdale was no where to been seen during the campaign. One would think with all the back slapping when she was chased out the door that she could have lent a hand to Breen.

Byelections normally are referendums on the sitting government. As I said at the beginning of this one,  the goose is cooked. I'll find out tonight if I was right or am up for a feed of humble pie.

The two things I am most interested in, outside of the final result, is what impact the NDP candidate Sheilagh O'Leary will have on the outcome and does Danny Williams still have voters in a hypnotic trance.

Stay tuned!

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