Saturday, March 15, 2014


The quest for the Premier’s chair has been a bit of a lackluster affair, thus far.

How lackluster?

It is not a great sign that the closure of nominations rates the third spot on the evening newscasts behind the resignation of a CFA from as Executive Director of the Eastern Health Care Board and a flap about topless photo’s from a publicity stunt on George Street.

We are talking about the next leader of our province! 

The single most important job in the land and there is not enough excitement to rate the top flap of the newspaper or the lead news story on TV!

Even than, the focus was on accusations that the selection process is flawed and ring-fenced around the coronation of Emera Newfoundland and Labrador Board member, Frank Coleman. Bill Barry and Wayne Bennett are crying foul

Frankly, they need to wake-up, neither one of these candidates has the experience or support to lead the Conservatives, let alone the province.  Barry is a polarizing figure that has done nothing to earn support from the party. In fact, his rants against the policies of the party has exposed him as a right wing radical that might have been comfortable in the old Federal Reform Party. Bill Barry is isolated, his campaign radiates a  “Small town cheap” feel.  

Bennett should add some color. It is the former Newfoundland and Labrador Party Leader’s money to burn.  He is obviously in the race to be mischievous, not win!

The leadership is an open process. It is great that there will be a few months of exposure for Coleman. The voters and Progressive Conservatives will have time to get to know the Corner Brook businessman before he becomes the premier.

What does it say about the Progressive Conservative Caucus that not one current or former member was prepared to file papers for the job? I was really looking forward to Steve Kent entering the race. He would have brought a great deal of substance in terms of policy and discussions.  He, like every one else is the PC Party is on the Coleman bandwagon.

A competitive process with a healthy discussion about reforming, refocusing and renewing the party would have gone a long way towards shaking the image of an arrogant, secretive and controlling inner circle of power brokers that hold self-preservation over the good of the party or the province.

In the meantime, the province will hold it’s breath in anticipation of Frank Coleman’s coming out party on Tuesday!

Set the alarm, the leadership will be transferred to the anointed one on July 5th

That will be followed by Tom Marshall’s abdication of the Humber East Seat to allow Coleman to become Premier.

New Energy? Perhaps

Old Shenanigans? You decide.

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Rick said...

Sounds like you've already handed the Premier's chair to Coleman. Does no one remember how things turned out the last time Danny Williams anointed the party leader?

This has not been an open process, and the reason none of the "insiders" like Steve Kent or Darren King are running is because they weren't permitted to. For Frank Coleman to wait until virtually the last minute to announce his candidacy, makes me believe he was dragged kicking and screaming into the race. Once again for the PC leadership....the fix is in