Monday, March 24, 2014


I am not mechanically inclined. Not the kind of guy you trust to fix your pipes or operate a chain saw. The maintenance on a lawn mower stresses my competency. 

My nearly luddite fear of machinery and the fact that shoveling snow provides a exercise and solitude has kept me from owning a snow-blower. Every year purchasing one is discussed but abandoned, besides I have three strapping young lads who can shovel.

I can only imagine that I would end up like Joe Saklic. The NHL star got tangled up with a snow blower- literally. Snow was packed in tight inside the machine and though he had turned it off, he still reached inside the auger. Sakic ended up with three broken fingers and severe tendon damage to one of them, and was scheduled to miss about three months devoted to healing and rehabbing.

or much worse loose a toe, food, finger or hand!

The latest snow fall and the prediction of more later this week has me thinking, it might be time to check out the spring sales and get over this snow-blower phobia.

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