Friday, March 28, 2014

THE GEORGIAN 1970 - 2014 RIP

43 years after Stephenville movers and shakers Jim Hodder, Fred Stagg and Don Powell started The Georgian, it is no more. 

Transcontinental killed the paper. This week was the final edition. 

The final edition features a great story about how the paper came to be.

Jim Hodder went on to be elected as a Liberal MHA in the district of Port Au Port. He crossed the floor and joined the Conservatives in 1985. He retired from politics in 1993 but returned for one term from 2003-2007, defeating Liberal Cabinet Minister Gerald Smith.

Fred Stagg, QC, was elected to the House of Assembly to represent Stephenville on two occasions, in 1971 and again in the early 80's.

I had some pretty fun times reporting the news in Bay St. George in the 1980's. In fact, I lost and won a wager to Fred over the 1989 provincial election. He bet me a case of beer that Clyde Wells would beat Lyn Verge in Humber East. I bet him two dozen beer that the Liberals would win the provincial election. 

It turned out that that we were both right, The Liberals won the election but their leader was defeated in in Humber East. It was a bittersweet night as I emerged from PC Wayne Morrisons campaign HQ in the Stephenville Mall on election night with my dozen beer.

Bay of Islands MHA Ed Joyce resigned his seat allowing Mr. Wells into the House of Assembly to form his government.

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