Wednesday, March 26, 2014


The cold bug is making the rounds - again.

Kris, Aidan and and I wrestled with a bug over the weekend. Liam has been hot the hardest. A hacking cough, runny nose and an ear infection has transformed my 12 year old from a rambunctious easy going hockey junkie to a lethargic couch dweller who is missing his second day of school this week.

I really dislike having sick kids, not just because of the inconvenience and lost work time, but because I feel so hapless.

At times like this, I truly am grateful to God that we have three healthy and active boys. I may mumble about the grocery bill, in particular the volume of milk, but we are so fortunate.

But for the grace of god we could be wrestling with disabilities, behavior problems or chronic illness.

Imagine raising a child with severe special needs, or a chronic illness. It is not just a temporary thing, but a lifetime commitment. My boys will date, get a license, drive my car, go to university, move out of the house and eventually have families of their own. That is not the case for everyone.

One of the most difficult parts of the Christian life is that we are not immune to life’s trials and tribulations. Why would a good and loving God allow us to go through such things as the death of a child, or diseases that impact our loved ones?

Liam will bounce back, hopefully the antibiotics will help him fight the ear infection and the rest will ensure he is back to his old self and back on his skates in a few days.

I have so much to be thankful for.

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Anonymous said...

Individuals with disabilities CAN (and DO!)
get a license
drive A car
go to university
move out of the house and eventually have families of their own.

A little short sighted and closed minded to think, what? That ALL people with disabilities are stuck at home doing NOTHING with their lives. I'm shocked that someone who apparently lives a "Christian life" is so unaware of the reality of the world around you. WOW.

Peter L. Whittle said...

Take a pill! I certainly did not mean to suggest that people with disabilities can not and do not or can not have full lives.

Any reasonable person would get the point that I was trying to make that sometimes we have to reflect on how lucky we are.

If you are looking to pick a fight or make a point, go for it, but your approach and personal attack on my ethics is absolutely off base.

Anonymous said...

Peter, fear not. I got your point. As a single mom with a special needs child, I will be looking for sitters when my daughter is in her 40's! Be thankful.


Anonymous said...

I think you need to take a pill?
The only comment on your blog in weeks and instead of trying to convince me calmly that I had misinterpreted - you throw a hissy fit. uber defensive.

Peter L. Whittle said...

Not to be too sensitive, but you comments really bothered me. I take advocating for disabled people very seriously. No doubt you have a giant chip on your shoulder. I am clipping a a comment related to a matter from a a few years back. The person who wrote this has sadly since passed away. He was disabled, confined to a wheel chair. He went to university, he was a social worker, he lived independently with supports but the system failed him.

Reality around me, I know it only too well. I also know how lucky my family and I are.

Perhaps you need to learn be less negative.

"Peter Whittle is more than a friend, he is a past colleague in other realmsof civil service and advocacy, fellow college student and mentor in a lot of
ways. I am not particularly cued in on the decisions he has to make or
chooses to make. But to tarnish an outstanding reputation such has his isbrutal and intolerable. Mr. Whittle has been a true advocate for
Newfoundland and I can testify personally that he has not let to many if any person down in their personal lobby for service or assistance in the
districts he's represented.

Frustration such as yours Clar leads touneducated guess work about a situation and your willingness to shit through your mouth is dominated by your lack of will to analyze the facts and putminto perspective what really may have happened.

Peter Whittle is a true blue Newfie with the best interest at heart for boththe province and it's people. He has dedicated his life to serving those who
were elected to serve us. Unfortunately their is a high price tag to such service. My advice to Peter on several occasions, was get from behind the curtain and get on the ballot, he would make a great politician in my opinion.

Clar, you owe this man a huge apology and he should expect nothing less than
that. You have no right or
justification to instill the notions of this nature in anyone's mind. Peter
is a husband and father. He is a patriot in reference to how far
he will go to help his constituents. He is a political martyr. Mr. Whittle
recently assisted a man who had been confined to bed and room for nearly three years, the mans situation had become critical in life altering living.
This man fought a system that denied a constitutional right to support and
equipment that could at the very least provide him mobility. He lost his
battle on several occasions, until Peter joined the fight. To the amazement
of family, friends and even foe, a man sentenced to death by a system that
refused to listen or understand is now doing well and recovering. Thanks
Peter for your help. That man Is The Prez

The Prez

Peter L. Whittle said...

Only comment on my blog in weeks...what do you want a prize for your participation. Hang on a second, I'll get to work on a certificate for you. Not sure where to send it because unlike me, I have no idea who you are.

Why would I convince you calmly when you made your reply so offensively personal.

I welcome comments but if you are going to approach me in an adversarial way, I am going to respond

fisherman's girl said...

Hey Petey, everyone that know you personally would know the difference...He/She....Mr or Mrs Anonymous is which he/she does not know you. Not that you're above criticism or a good argument but in this attack on your mindset, he/she is totally off base. Hilarious really considering.....