Tuesday, March 25, 2014


It would appear that the City of St. John's believes that once Spring has sprung on the calender that Winter is over.

The city did it's annual layoff of 2/3rds of it's snow clearing staff last week leaving it unprepared for yesterday's snowstorm. Residents are having trouble getting off their unplowed side-streets and many of the main arteries are narrow and barely passable.

Yesterday's brush with Winter was forecast well in advance and there is another larger storm rolling in later this week. The City says the snow does not last long at this time of the year so removal is not as big an issue!

Ironically,  any savings in salaries was probably swallowed up by the cost of the overtime worked by existing staff.

In the meantime the driving public face treacherous, slippery roads and fender benders that drive their insurances up. 

And do not be accusing this council of poor planning, they are on the verge of spending $100,000 to hire a consultant to study the city's snow clearing procedures.

What foresight!

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