Thursday, March 6, 2014


Polls they say are nothing more than snapshots in time. Parties that are on top of public opinion trumpet them as affirmation of a job well done. Parties and leaders that are struggling discount them. No matter what they say, polls are a huge deal to politicians.

Later this morning Corporate Research Associates will release their Winter quarterly poll, the first since Kathy Dunderdale commandeered a life-boat after nearly sending the PC Party to Davy Jones' locker .

The Liberals have been gaining momentum over the past four consecutive polls. The trend has come at the expense of the Conservatives and the New Democrats. The combination of a tired government, an unpopular leader, the public disintegration of the NDP and the selection of a new leader has put the Liberals way out front.

This poll should provide some interesting insight into future political fortunes. Did Dunderdale take a lot of the public negativity with her when she left? Has the NDP been able to recover from the loss of two members of the caucus? Has Liberal leader Dwight Ball still got the political momentum ?

These are all important questions for the three political parties as they prepare for leadership reviews, leadership contests and fundraising heading into the months before the next provincial election.

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