Monday, March 24, 2014


The leaderless Progressive Conservatives are showing they no longer have a political, ideological or financial bottom line. 

The party is having a fire sale - the new mode of operation is ask and you shall receive. 

Former Finance Minister and acting life boat muster station chief Tom Marshall has thrown away the key to the government vaults. 

The age of living within our means is past. 

The Conservatives have hit the reset button. The Dunderdale era simply did not happen. The poor policy, unfocussed budget cuts and hyper-partisanship and arrogance never happened. 

This last minute conversion is is not borne out of contrition. There is no sincerity in this repentance, or remorse for bad decisions that have impacted thousands of people in this province. 

Defenders of the cause say, the opposition can not have it both ways - they can not criticize the government for not acting and than jump on the government when they do. Yes, they are deluded enough to belief that the Conservatives are the victims! That alone speaks to the reality of the disconnect in government.

The wolves have donned the attire of sheep. 

The focus is on holding onto the levers of power. 

The Conservatives have been chastened into this temporary course change. 

They are as insincere as those American religious leaders that promised hope and only gave us hypocrisy.  

The PC Party might as well be known as the PTL and the leader might as well be Jimmy Baker. 

The question is, behind all the running mascara and tears, will you forgive them?

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