Monday, March 17, 2014


Danny Dumaresque is a man on a mission. He has always been a committed partisan which often eclipses the significance of the issues he raises in public.

Danny has been a credible, zealous and determined watchdog of NALCOR. The former Newfoundland Hydro Director has a brilliant policy mind. His observations and messages should not be discounted as the ravings of a partisan out to make political points.

I have disagreed with Danny on lots of things, but I respect him and trust his research skills.

If the document that he presented at a news conference today regarding the impact of "dirty fuel" on the Holyrood Generating Station proves true, those that ignored the concerns must be held accountable.

Are the high concentrations of aluminia and silica responsible for the failure of the #1 generator that set off a cataclysmic energy crisis that sent hundreds of thousands of Newfoundlanders into the freezing darkness during early January's Arctic Vortex event.?

Dumaresque has shown that the utility knew that the fuel with these concentrations were not recommended for Holyrood. He has shown that the company ignored the concerns. He has shown that that the contaminated fuel was used in the generator that imploded. He has also produced  evidence that despite knowing that the contamination levels were 26 to 500 times higher than the maximum accepted levels.

He has also shown that Hydro has admitted that it has spend millions replacing parts related to clogging, spills and damaged parts caused by the dirty fuel. 
Dumaresque, who is an intervenor at Public Utilities Board hearings into the blackouts, is forcing accountability from a secretive organization that up to this point has refused to offer an acceptable level transparent and accountable to the public, government or the PUB.

Thank god for independent minded people like Danny who are like dogs to a bone when it comes to outing the truth.

It is a shame the same can not be said about NALCOR's political masters and Newfoundland and Labrador's Consumer Advocate.

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Anonymous said...

With Nalcor's assurances that the dirty oil did not cause the major event of early January many people will be out to discredit DD. They should not. With this relevation of poor procurement processes (no specification) he has identified fundamental cultural issues of complacency within the organization. Although it only caused 1 million in damages (like this is nothing) it reflects poorly on Hydro as an organization. It is a possible indicator of more serious quality incidents, such as what we witnesses at the beginning of the year.

I for one salute DD for what he is doing. But he should save it for the hearings, and not try to make political hay out of it.