Monday, March 3, 2014


How does an economic basket case like the Ukraine put global security and peace at risk? Why is Russia the bad guy for protecting Russian interests on the Crimean Peninsula?

I have always had a dislike for Putin. He is a dangerous nationalist that is hell bent on restoring Russia's past glory, if there ever was such a thing.

This game of brinkmanship is dangerous because no one wants a global conflict but a misstep could pull us into a catastrophic conflict. History has proven that no one thought the era of peace and prosperity prior to WW1 would end. Yet, brinkmanship, alliances and mistrust let to a Great War that settled nothing.

Does the West accept a split Ukraine? Will Russia accept a split Ukraine? Is this a modern day Czechoslovakia If the world accepts the annexation of Crimea will it only be delaying the annexation of the rest of the Ukraine at a later date? Can we allow the Russian Kleptocracy to go unchallenged?

Yes Russia has broken International Law, it had broken a peace treaty and has made a land grab but from a geopolitical and strategic position, but what choice did it have?

Besides, is Winter nor Russia's bedtime ally. Western sanctions will be answered with decreased flows of natural gas from Russia. The economic impacts would further destabilize Europe.

Perhaps a redefined Ukraine is in the best interests of Russia and the West.

Diplomacy and common sense must triumph or this conflict could turn bloody and envelop the world.

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