Wednesday, March 26, 2014


This giant Nor'easter looks crazy!

The City of St. John's decision to pull snow clearing jobs in advance of the weather bomb is making national headlines.

I understand the rationale but the public are not buying what the mayor is selling.

I hope that the city's prediction, based on the weather advice that taxpayers pay for,  pans out. The Director of Public Works said  yesterday morning that we are going to get a  little snow and some rain afterwards. Not a significant snow event. Nothing to see here.

"We look at the long-range forecast and make a final decision," Mackey told CTV's Canada AM this morning. The decision to cut the number of snow-removal employees from 180 to 50 in advance of the storm has been met with ridicule.

CBC is reporting that Environment Canada's monthly and seasonal forecasts are suggesting that the unseasonably cold weather will continue off and on at least into the first half of April pretty much everywhere but the West Coast, says Environment Canada meteorologist Matt MacDonald.

The storm is expected to move into St. John's late this afternoon. VOCM News is reporting that Environment Canada's Dale Foote has  describing the spring storm " as one of the deepest storms in a number of years"

Environment Canada says we will get fluries, hurricane force winds, heavier snow and than rain. Wind and blowing snow warnings have been posted for the metro region. We could get 10 to 15 cm of snow before the rain starts after midnight. Rainfall amounts range from 5 to 10 mm.

Hurricane force winds, freezing rain and snow.

There is going to be quite a mess  to clean-up tomorrow.

I'll keep you updated, as long as the electricity holds up.

I predict a long night!

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