Friday, March 21, 2014


Do you remember Maxwell Smart saying, "missed it by that much". I sort of felt that way today when the Public Service Commission informed me that I had been unsuccessful for a position that I interviewed for last week.

It has been nearly a year since the last provincial budget's cuts trickled down and bumped me out of my job in the civil service. The fact that I was next on the recall list has not made a difference, there has been no movement.

I was hoping that this was the one that would get me back in to build on my pension and my passion for public service. While I was moping about, it dawned on me that it is a competition, there is only one winner. Move on and keep applying, something will pan out, eventually.

Still I felt some disappointment. My resume had gotten me into the competition, so my experience has currency. Life is full of disappointments and challenges. Staying positive, weathering the storm until I find a better fit is much better than sulking.

One of the great things about the public service is that all candidates are notified in writing of their placement as a result of the interview process. Any candidate is encouraged to call and speak with the Selection Board Chair to obtain feedback.

My paranoia that I had bombed the interview and had no one to blame but myself was quickly put to rest when I spoke to the chair of the selection board.

I had scored high, the competition was just that much better.

I had missed it by that much.

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