Friday, March 28, 2014


Liam's team,  the Min Com Powers Selects Pewee A team finished up their season last night. The gang captured a bronze medal.

The final game of the season was a little ragged. The parents and supporters yelled out the familiar laments "get it out", "skate faster", "Don't go up the middle". The boys and girls showed moments of brilliance but the geometry of the game is never more obvious to you than when passes are just missed or the forwards can not control that breakout puck.

The game was tight. Min Com game pack from a 3-1 deficit to tie it and with only two minutes left in the game. They won after a shoot-out.

It was a great season in the DJHL with lots of driving for us as the team practiced and played in Mount Pearl, St. John's, Torbay, Kelligrews and at the Southern Shore Arena in Mobile.  Like all committed hockey parents, we log hundreds of hours in our vehicles; When you factor in the driving and dressing time a game or practice can be a three-hour commitment for  10-17 minutes of ice time!

I never played organized hockey, our arena was Aunt Becky's Garden. It meant as much to us as the Montreal Forum but there was no professional  development. Two of my guys play minor hockey.  They have developed great skills and build character. I am not too interested in the dream of the big leagues and neither are they. It is fun. They work hard as part of a team, which is the skill I most value for our investment in the game.

And now the sell, the team is headed to Halifax for a tournament in two weeks, so we are fundraising. How would you like to take in a Hypnotist Show this Saturday evening, March 29th at the Prince Of Wales Gym? Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for children. 

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