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I have always thought there were some inequalities in how the law treats men and women when it comes to reproduction.

The sensational case of sex offender Craig Hutchinson, who was convicted of sexual assault for poking holes in his girlfriends condoms in the hopes of impregnating his girlfriend makes, for an interesting case.

Apparently his relationship with his girlfriend was on thin ice and he thought a baby would pull them together. He conceived a plan, tampered with his birth control and fertilized one of her eggs. She ended up having an abortion and charging him when he revealed what he had done.

The Nova Scotia man admitted he tampered with his girlfriend's condoms resulting in her pregnancy appealed his earlier conviction but lost his Supreme Court appeal. He must now serve the balance of his 18-month jail sentence and his name has been placed in the sex offenders registry.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that "a person consents to how she will be touched, and she is entitled to decide what sexual activity she agrees to engage in for whatever reason she wishes," and "Because of the deliberate deceit of her partner, the sexual activity was not carried out in the manner that the complainant had agreed to."

Hutchinson is a dumb prick and deserves his punishment. Deliberately orchestrating a pregnancy with out the consent of the other person in a relationship is wrong. Forcing someone to become pregnant is not allowing a choice, a dastardly deed!

Birth control provides peace of mind and allows folks to have sex with a reasonable level of assurance that it will not result in a pregnancy. He certainly is not the first person to sabotage someone's birth control method.

How many men have fallen victim to doing the right thing because the pill failed to prevent a pregnancy, when in fact the women made a unilateral decision to get pregnant? The decision noted that not every sexual deception should be criminalized and that to be fraud -- which negates consent -- the lie has to carry a risk of harm.

Yes, carrying a baby to term and caring for a child falls on the woman. Men can use condoms to ensure that the Women's birth control does not "malfunction".

How many men have found themselves locked into a loveless marriage or financially destitute because their partner sabotaged or misled them about birth control?

Are there inequities in the legal system? If a mother wants to abort unilaterally, she can, After all, it's the woman's body. However, if the father wants to abort during the legal abortion limit and the mother wants to keep the baby, he is on the hook for the legal responsibility, specifically child support.

Men and women are aware that It is a possibility each an every time They have sex, regardless of contraception use, that a pregnancy is possible, both are responsible for the child because both were consenting adults - but deliberately setting out to become or make someone pregnant, without the consent or knowledge of the other changes the dynamic.

Of course, If man is not prepared for the consequences he simply should not take that chance. Strictly relying on the woman shows a lack of personal responsibility, and makes him entirely to dependent on his partner.

Is there gender pregnancy discrimination, an inherent double standard?

There is certainly lots of fodder for debate and discussion.

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