Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Somehow, between buying Liam a Chocolate milkshake at the drive-thu after school on Friday afternoon and preparing supper, I managed to misplace/lose my wallet.

Misplacing my belt, watch and wallet is not uncommon stuff for me. I try to keep my my wallet and watch together in the same place. I normally do not carry my wallet. I only take what I need, a drivers license, an interact card and a credit card!

On Saturday morning, I flipped out, tore through the house like a rabid dog, tore through our SUV, banged my head on the interior looking under seats, said a prayer to St. Jude and cursed a lot. On Sunday and Monday, I repeated these activities, except I was cursing even more.

We have searched the house, gone through my pants, jackets and all the usual spots. Not a sign.

I did not leave the house after I arrived home after picking-up the kids? The inconvenience of replacing bank cards, credit cards, a drivers license, gym membership and the like is eclipsed by the sense of utter frustration and fixation with how it could have gone missing.

Inconvenience aside, a lost wallet means the keys to your life could be in the hands of someone else. Ones wallet is packed with all the information that an identify thief would need.

Time to stop cursing and start cancelling cards.

I'll probably find it when the snow I tossed of my driveway on Friday melts.

Dam it!

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