Monday, February 24, 2014


We can argue about many things related to the Liberal Party of Canada. 

One thing that we might all agree on is that Justin Trudeau has accomplished something that neither Paul Martin. Stephan Dion or Micheal Ignatieff were able to accomplish, he has firmly put his stamp on the party.

Trudeau showed this weekend that he has the organizational and strategic skills to play political chess with a master like Stephen Harper. 

Mr. Trudeau’s stamp, with the endorsement of his party, has been firmly  placed on the political brand. He has consolidated power by gaining control of the executive and its its future.

Rather than espouse my opinions, I thought it might be more informative to provide some links to stories and opinions about the Liberal Party of Canada Biennial and the master strategist who might well be Canada’s next Prime Minister.

Delacourt -@Toronto Star

Chris Hannay @ G & M

Paul Wells @ Macleans

Michael Harris @ iPolitics -

Jane Taber @ Globe & Mail

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