Tuesday, February 4, 2014


We are barely a month into 2014. 

A year of economic promise for the American and global economy.

Yesterdays disappointing manufacturing numbers in the United States led to a slide on Wall Street and other markets across the globe. 

It would appear the bear has woken-up prematurely form its hibernation and over-optimistic forecasts for growth are to blame.

Markets around the world have been vulnerable with news of slowdowns in the emerging economies. The reaction to the Supply Management’s survey of the American manufacturing set off turmoil in Europe and is sure to result in sell offs in Tokyo today. 

America has been driving the bus on this economic recovery. England, Japan, Russia and even the Eurozone have been showing promise based on the “American Recovery”

It just seems like yesterday that I was reading a cautionary tale in the Economist, that “The biggest danger this time round is the optimism itself.”. Sure enough a quick scan produced the warning from January 4th.

Buckle-up, the global economic roller coaster continues to be a thrill ride packed with lots of surprises!

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