Friday, February 7, 2014


It must have been groundhog day recently, all the rodents came out of hibernation to have a look around.

Rumor has it that Conservative Senator Fabian Manning has received the results of a poll he commissioned to gauge his popularity in the province and determine the feasibility of a run for the top job of the Progressive Conservative Party.

I know he was booted out of the PC caucus for his independent stance on the governments crab pricing policies. He dared break caucus solidarity while the Premier was at the Houston oil-show. Danny Williams did not bother to rush home, he issued the decree, rubber stamped by the caucus, that Fabian was no longer wanted.

Kicked to the curb, Fabian started hanging with some of Danny's nemeses in the Conservative Party of Canada. He bought into the Conservative idea that we are are lazy bunch of ungrateful heathens. He soon became Prime Minister Harper's man on the rock, or more aptly his attack dog. He got himself elected as an MP in 2006 but was defeated in the Any Body But Conservative campaign of 2008.

Harper, knowing that Mannings fealty to him would make finding a job in Newfoundland difficult appointed him to the senate where he continued to serve the interests of Ottawa against the province. He was give the mandate of spending much public money on a plan to unseat the people's choice in the riding of Avalon, Liberal Scott Andrews.

In 2011, Manning moved out of the shadow campaign and resigned from the Senate for a rematch with Andrews. Despite spreading the Tory patronage for three years and acting like a shadow MP, Manning was soundly rejected. His master once again appointed him to the Red Chamber.

Manning told the CBC this week that he misses home and does not enjoy being away on the mainland. He is considering running to replace his old colleague Cathy Dunderdale. He wants to lead the caucus that put the boots to him.

I am sure Manning's poll gave him the same reality check that the voters did over the past two federal elections but he is  a little daft and adverse to getting the message.

Perhaps he will quit his Senate seat and run provincially in the next election in his old district. What does he have to lose? I am sure Harper would just appoint him to the Senate again - after he looses.

With job security like that, who would want to earn a salary or echo the sentiments of your own people?

What amazes me is that this two-time loser has the audacity and is deluded enough in his own grandeur to think the PC Party or the people of the province would elect him.

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