Tuesday, February 11, 2014


The tail of the dragon got pulled today and did he ever breathe fire!

The flamboyant Danny Williams unplugged and unscripted makes for great entertainment.

Today, the former Premier took on the Conference Board of Canada and had some choice comments to make about Premier wanna-be, Fish Merchant Bill "Ross Perot" Barry.

It is not the first time he has commented on a public issue since going into retirement.  A couple of years ago he took on some high profile critics of the Muskrat Falls Project. "I’m very disappointed in Dave Vardy's comments, and the kind of nonsense that he’s getting on with" he railed.

When his successor kicked-off the training wheels and gave him the bird, he questioned Cathy Dunderdale's capabilities and competence.

When he was Premier he never shrank away from calling it as he saw it. His response to learning of further incompetence at Eastern Health when it was revealed that 43 patients in a breast cancer retesting exercise was ""It's disgraceful. They should be shot over there"

Today, the private citizen and captain of industry said a Conference Board of Canada Report forecasting a decline in the provinces population over the next few decades was "absolute bullshit". He than offered, with great emotion and conviction, an opposite forecast full of opportunity and growth.

Next he set his sights on the only person to officially declare his intentions to seek the leadership of the Conservative Party. He said that he could not support Bill Barry citing the fish merchants right wing ideology which includes privatizing Nalcor and the delivery of healthcare.

No doubt Williams' comments prove that Barry's Conservative "revolution" and thirst for power has Tories in this province scrambling for an alternative.

While the former Premier says he is not endorsing anyone else for the job, the line has been drawn. My question, based on today's performance, would Danny Williams run for his old job back if he felt it was the only way to ensure the party  and by extension - the government - did not flounder?

There are no shortage of people in this province who would embrace his return.

We might want to look at the history of how Napoleon became Emperor of France.


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