Friday, February 7, 2014


A year ago tonight - technically tomorrow,  a twenty-year-old male wearing only a t-shirt and a pair of  blue jeans exited a taxi on affluent Blue Puteess Drive Drive in the East End of St. John’s. He was never seen again.

It baffles my mind that a person could just disappear of the face of the earth in the East end of St. John’s.

The young man was well liked, had no history of trouble. The night he disappeared he had been kicked in the head in a skirmish outside a bar on George Street. His friends put him in the taxi and send him home out of it.

At first, friends, family and police thought he might have become disoriented from the blow to his head and wandered off.  Weeks of searching back yards, sheds, basements and wooded areas in the part of town failed to pick up as much as a clue.

The Winter snow melted and searchers renewed the quest to find the missing man. Once again they came-up empty handed.

A year later the RNC are no closer to solving this mystery than they were the day Josh was reported missing. Did he wander away? Is he alive? Did he meet with foul play?

The family has had no closure., locked in a perpetual state of grief.

It remains a missing persons case

Another missing persons case that remains unresolved some 18 years later is that of Adam, Trevor and Mitchell O’Brien who were allegedly taken by their father Garry in November of 1996.  The four have not been seen since Garry picked them up from their mother’s Mount Pearl apartment.

I can only imagine the feelings of profound grief, anguish and confusion that engulf one when faced with the unknown.

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