Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Some people like to trick-out their cars, their computers or even their video game machines to make them cooler.

Being the wanna-be-board game geek that I am, the concept of tricking-out my games with cooler Meeples sounds appealing. How many games do you have that have some kind of dull marker for each player?

Meeples are the little wooden figures used in many German Board Games that represent characters or players. 

Meeple Source has been making custom character Meeples to replace the boring old Meeples that come with many games. Really, the iron and the race car from Monopoly are so juvenile!

They have gone the route of crowd sourcing via Kickstarter to accelerate the production of more characters as opposed to slowly introducing a few new ones. The proposition is that the more support they get, the faster they can expand.

They starting with 50 characters, but the potential is there to unlock even more choices via their stretch goals! As a backer, you'll have a say in what some of those extra characters will be!

Check out Meeple Source and pledge to back this great project.

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