Friday, February 7, 2014


* IMPORTANT NOTE: Please click this link to see an updated post related to this one. The article by reporter Adam Randall quoted by me may have been flawed.  It turns out that what I accepted as fact, from a reputable newspaper, may have been inaccurate.

 “As president I wasn’t consulted... I never received a call, an email or anything otherwise stating that this was happening. It was a lack of communication on the part of the provincial party.”

Kaye Gilbert
Local Liberal Association

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The Northern Pen is reporting today that the Leader of the Liberal Party, nor anyone in his office, consulted with local Liberals in the district of  Straits-White Bay North Liberal Association before accepting NDP MHA, turned independent, Christopher Mitchelmore into the fold.

In fact, the president of the local association was not even given the courtesy of an invitation to the press conference where Mitchelmore was unveiled as a member of the Liberal caucus.

Dwight, you have a major communication and organization problem. Someone once told me that political currency is rare and valuable stuff. 

You do not squander it.

This was a stupid amateur mistake. Yes there are others who wanted the Liberal nomination in the district.  It would have made sense to massage the discontent, pave the way for Mitchelmore with diplomacy and tact.

Leaving the local Liberal Association offside just throws fuel on the fire. It takes a tough pill to swallow and turns it into contempt. That contempt, lack of respect, will now fester and grow making a bright new young light in the caucus a sitting duck come nomination time.

Counting on people to fall onside because the Liberal Party is poised to form the government is as ridiculous as taking for granted that the party has it all sown up. 

This sort of frig-up is just the sort of thing that can quickly undo all of the gains made through the luck of Cathy Dunderdale's meteoric crash.

You can not ask Liberals to respect the party if the party is going to continue, yes continue, to treat the men, women and youth that tirelessly support it with such disdain. 

The party needs people with the skills, time, energy, network and commitment to build on the success of 2013. It needs  to facilitate the restoration of district and community organizations, finances and prepare for the 2015 election.

The people of the province want a real alternative. It is time to step up to that challenge.

I suppose you can always count on the opportunists to continue providing crappy advice.

I am not a huge fan of sports analogies but I think Wayne Gretzky said it best when he said "A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be." 

Dunderdale is gone. No one really knows where the puck is anymore. The game is changing.

If the Liberal Party wants to govern, they need to earn the respect of the voter. How can Liberals talk about transparency, public accountability, openness and financial accountability when they do the opposite.

I feel for the members of the Liberal Executive in the Straits-White Bay North. 

As team players, they deserve to be treated a lot better. 

Respect is a two way street.

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