Friday, February 28, 2014


Coner is my youngest, he is ten years old.

He never fails to amaze me with his observations.

Virginia Park Elementary has a PD day today. As a result he was allowed to treat last night like a Friday night and stay-up later. 

I was working on some documents related to a client and the the Globe 2014 Conference in Vancouver next month. He was playing Minecraft.

I asked him to run me down a book that I had borrowed from a friend that had been left upstairs. He came down reading the cover as he slowly trudged down the steps. The book is entitled "Positive Energy". He looks at me with a curious expression and said " Dad your not becoming a hippie are you?". I chuckled.

He goes back to his game, after a few minutes of silence, he comes back over to me, lifts off one of my headphones and says, "dad, hippies are cool they are all about positivity not negativity”

This kid is deep.

I can not wait to take him out for a beer!

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