Friday, February 28, 2014


I finally Linked In!

Many acquaintances have been saying posting a complete profile on LinkedIn is crucial to job hunting these days.

LinkedIn is like the Facebook equivalent for the professional world.

I have never been a great net worker, frankly I am horrible at trying to keep up networks and communications with past associates.  It takes time, effort and sometimes more sincerity than I am prepared to fake. My old mindset was If people need me or my skill set, they know where to find me.

The professional social networking site features more than 175 million members in 200 countries, it  offers a single, heavily trafficked platform where recruiters and hiring managers search for talent and job seekers showcase their résumés and links to their work, hobbies and interests.

My question to users  of LinkedIn is - should I pay for enhanced access to some of LinkedIn’s features to make me more prominent and perhaps attractive to potential recruiters?

Here's how to get started on LinkedIn - quickly and easily - so you can use LinkedIn effectively for job searching and career networking

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