Monday, February 24, 2014


Life is often compared to a game.

So why not accept it.

IM Sagar Shah and WIM Amruta Mokal decided to combine their love of Chess and their love for each other into a themed wedding. 

The wedding rings were costumed designed  to reflect a King and Queen, the decorations were based on the theme and there was even a mini-tournament! 

A match made in heaven.

The pair do not have the market cornered on geeky weddings. After reading the story about the Chess Wedding on Purple Pawn I Googled around and found dozens of The Big Bang Theory worthy geeky wedding themes:

  •  The Twilight Wedding where the couple not only recreating the look of but changed their names to Cullin. 
  •  A Firefly Wedding. I suppose you would have to be a bit of a sci-fi geek to remember Firefly. It is a cult classic for fans. This wedding featured a minister in a Princess Leia costume performing the ceremony in front of a Tardis. Seems it was a mixed affair.
  •  Zombie Wedding. No blushing bride here, just lots of gushing.
  • Shrek Wedding. This couple dressed up like Fiona and Shrek. No sure who dressed up as the Donkey.
  • Minecraft Wedding. Straight out of the pixellated world of Minecraft. Fortunately for all,  the groom and bride did not dress in 8-bit costumes but the best men were wearing 8-bit ties!
 There is lots of martial bliss and geekiness to be found at a site called When Geeks Wed



IM Sagar Shah and WIM Amruta Mokal in India was, of course, Chess-themed. The bride and groom wore queen and king engagement rings, decorations featured Chess pieces, guests signed Chess boards with greetings, and a mini-team-tournament was held pitting friends of the groom against friends of the bride. The bride’s side won! - See more at:

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