Tuesday, February 11, 2014


If you follow my blog you know that I am passionate about my family, my community, politics, reading and board games.

I am not a bandwagon type, I like to say that I was a George RR Martin fan when the Game of Thrones was not cool. I loved the original three books so much that whenever I saw one of them in a used book store, I purchased it to give away in the hopes of earning another convert. I literally (as Liam says) bought dozens of them.

I am very excited that his fan base and story telling has expanded to the point where it was profitable to bring the stories of his A Song of Fire and Ice series to television.

Fans will have to wait until Spring for the fourth installment of the HBO original series. Season four will debut on April 6th.

To help us get there, HBO released a 15 minute exercise in foreshadowing to tease and tantalize us. The preview is full of battles, thrones and the growing dragons.

For the purists, those who like to read the stories and enjoy the brilliant TV adaption, the waiting for the sixth novel,  The Winds of Winter,  is simply painful.  
Last Fall, Martin had a good interview with  Sydney Morning Herald. He opened up about the frustration amongst fans with regards to his slow-paced writing style.

Winter is here already. I am worried that the show is going to catch-up with the books. 

Here is the teaser! 

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