Monday, February 10, 2014


Marystown can brag about being home to a Silver Olympic medalist! Wicked or what!

Congratulations to Team Canada on winning the Silver and to Kaetlyn Osmond for making us all proud to be from the boot. The best part is that there will be more opportunities to come when she competes in the individual competition beginning on Feb 19th.

My first memory of an Olympic games was the when Montreal hosted the summer games in 1976. I was an avid stamp collector but finding stamps in St. Bernard's was always a challenge.

The postmaster in our little outport was a kind stern women. A company lady if there ever was one. Good luck getting the mail without the key to your mailbox! Joan always clipped stamps for me (she used to get them from all over the world) , ordered in the year end sets of Canadian Postage Stamp and insured that I had a first day of issue envelope.

I will always remember those games  and those stamps. The red and blue stamps depicting the competitions. What I remember most was that Canada Post issued a $1 and a $2 stamp. I wanted them so badly. One day a big parcel came into the post office for Blanche Johnson who had a shop (store) on the beach in the harbor. Joan arranged for me to get those blocks of canceled stamps with the Montreal Olympic postmark on them.  I was so happy and proud.

It was through these stamps that I learned the history and politics of Canada. Every stamp or series of stamps commemorated an important social, historic, economic or artistic milestone.

I suppose we all come from somewhere, a town, a village, a city, a country, province or state. The surge of pride that one of our own is competing on the international stage in Sochi has made these Olympics extra special. Winning an Olympic medal is almost unfathomable.

Osmond is all ready an inspiration to every young figure skater in the province. She has shown that through talent, hard training, confidence and dedication that you can beat the odds and rise to top of competitive sports.

At 18, we will see so much from Kaetlyn, perhaps one day she might adorn a postage stamp.

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