Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I have been really impressed with rookie Ward 4 Councillor Bernard Davis.

The activists councillor is doing a great job for his constituents and the city. The one person public relations machine is one of the most tireless municipal politicians in recent memory.

It is simply amazing how much press the community Services and Housing Committee generates - running the gauntlet from election finance reform, demanding changes to regulations regarding back-up power at seniors complexes, to questions about the sentence of a high profile St. John's businessman who knocked over two outside workers. His picture is like a permanent banner on the VOCM website!

I meant to write this post two weeks ago after listening to Bernie discussing the annual Snow Daze celebrations. Like many people in the city, I was unaware that our city had an annual winter celebration fostering community spirit and encouraging residents to enjoy everything winter has to offer.

He is passionate about his community and is making a fantastic contribution to council.

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Anonymous said...

He is a shining star. He sounds more like a MHA, than a municpal rep. He should run in 2015, as should you.