Tuesday, February 18, 2014


When Frank Coleman was named Atlantic Canada’s Top CEO by Atlantic Business Magazine, Shawn Skinner, than minister of Minister of Innovation, Trade and Rural Development said "Earning such recognition and standing above your peers in a very crowded and competitive business environment requires a deft skill-set and leadership qualities shared by only a select few. What separates these individuals from others is their high degree of integrity, dedication, and openness to explore innovative ways of approaching business."

It will be interesting to learn if that deft skill-set and those rare leadership qualities will be employed to revive the governing party from the tumultuous downward spiral of the past year.

In the wake of Bill Barry's bid to seize control of government, the back-room gang has been casting a wide net looking to recruit a candidate with the right stuff to not only win the leadership, but win a provincial election.

Coleman is a catch. Successful, respected, wealthy, community minded, affable, Conservative and charismatic. He is also a political newcomer who does not carry the stench of staleness that a caucus candidate does.

He is an outsider that can count on the party's establishment to secure his election. He can also win Humber East in a by-election gaining a quick entrance to the House of Assembly.

Politics in this province is like the weather, three seasons in a day.

Time will tell if Coleman can lead the party out of it's Winter of discontent into a bountiful harvest in the Fall.

One thing is for certain, he is a game changer who will have as much appeal in St. John's as he has on the West Coast.

That is, if he takes the plunge.

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