Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Facing a mid-life career crisis is no joking matter.

Leaving a permanent record of you opinions for employers and head hunters to view appears to be a career limiting thing. As my brother said to me on the weekend, "Pete, Do you think the blog is hurting you?"

That question, and observation, has been put to me a lot over the past six years. The blog does not provide income but is it costing me money and opportunities? Perhaps Ihave not been making the most profitable decisions.

I suppose, I could have played it safe and refrained from public commentary on local politics, after all we do reside in a bit of a fish-bowl where public sector opportunities can be limited.

I could have just written under a pseudonym like Samuel Clemens did. In fact, for years I did write as Pius Lasaga because I feared the repercussions of using my own name.

While I am too well educated to be eligible for any provincial or federal re-training assistance, I am learning about new opportunities every day.

Take for example the incredible opportunities in the clown business. A "national clown shortage" may soon be upon us, the New York Daily News reports that there is a clown shortage. Apparently older clowns are dying and not enough younger clowns are joining the ranks to replace them.

I wonder if my life experience would open up the doors to an exciting career as a clown. Do I have transferable skills? Would I have to go back to school to learn the trade? Is there an apprenticeship program?

It just might be time to hang up my Rosary Beads and join the Shriners!

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