Tuesday, February 25, 2014


You could knock me over with a feather!

Something is rotten at Apple which allowed a serious security flaw to go unnoticed for 18 months.

The folks over at Microsoft must be grinning. Turns out the super safe, non-exploitative, virus free Apple iOS is vulnerable. The news is even worse, patches for portable devices have begun to flow but Mac desktop and laptop owners are still without a fix!

My iMac running Mavericks is completely exposed!

The Verge explains the exploit:

"The core of the exploit targets your SSL connection, the encryption behind the little padlock in your browser window you see when visiting webmail or banking sites. The browser knows you’re really talking to the bank because it’s verified the site’s SSL certificate, a kind of proof of identity. But the failure in Apple’s code means SecureTransport isn’t checking the certificates properly, and anyone who wanted could masquerade as your banking site, your email, or worse."

On your Mac you should start browsing with Chrome, Firefox, or another third-party browser because Apple's Safari  is compromised. Forbes reports, that other apps like iMessage, Apple's Twitter client, Mail, Facetime, & iCal  may be affected!

This is depressing and disappointing news. 

Apple, what's the deal?

Still feel the cloud is a good idea?

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