Thursday, January 9, 2014


Young Fella, mind the course, steady as she goes, steer small.

Face storms and the shoals of adversity square on. Remember, one hand for the vessel first, always first, and then one hand for yourself.

When, as they sometimes will, danger and death loom over the horizon and stand down upon you, don’t panic. Meet them with your dorymate and shipmates, stand well braced and fend them off.

If you go aground, work yourself off. Cast off all-self-pity and beat to windward again and again and again, so that in the fullness of your years, you can come about and run downwind free and easy with the tide.

If life gives you more baitings than most, share some of these extra rations with your dorymate and shipmates and them who have not been so lucky as you.

Remember, Life is a grand dance – pay the Old Fiddler as you enjoy it and find a good partner to dance with and to love.

Do you understand, young? 

Do you get my drift?

Captain Frank Hynes

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