Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Well the mutiny on the Blunderbus appears to have come to a conclusion. CBC is reporting that the province's first female Premier will resign tomorrow. Caucus is expected to endorse Finance Minister Tom Marshall as the interim Premier.

What does this all mean for the election time table in Newfoundland and Labrador? I am no Peter Hogg but the fixed term legislation is a pretty flexible document.

It allows for a maximum term of four years but there is nothing preventing the Premier from asking the Lieutenant Governor to issue a writ at any time in between.

The only other stipulation is that an election has to be called no later than twelve months after a new person replaces an elected premier, if the premiers resignation occurs with-in the first three years of a mandate:

Duration of House of Assembly

3. (1) Notwithstanding subsection (2), the Lieutenant-Governor may, by proclamation in Her Majesty’s name, prorogue or dissolve the House of Assembly when the Lieutenant-Governor sees fit.
(2) A polling day at a general election shall be held on the second Tuesday in October, 2007 and afterward on the second Tuesday in October in the fourth calendar year following the polling day at the most recently held general election.

Election on change of Premier
3.1 Where the leader of the political party that forms the government resigns his or her position as leader and as Premier of the province before the end of the third year following the most recent general election, the person who is elected by the party to replace him or her as the leader of the party and who is sworn in as the Premier of the province by the Lieutenant-Governor shall, not later than 12 months afterward, provide advice to the Lieutenant-Governor that the House of Assembly be dissolved and a general election be held.

Looking like a potential Spring 2015 general election.

* I am still stuck in 2013. 12 months from this March or April. Sorry for any confusion.

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Anonymous said...

There will barely be a spring 2014 leadership vote. No election this spring.