Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Where did I put that money tree? If it is anything like the other plants in the house - it has withered and died!

Conor and I both had appointments with an ophthalmologist this afternoon. He got to skip school for the afternoon and hang-out with his cool dad. We do not often get the opportunity to buddy around without the other guys.

I began wearing glasses in Kindergarten, some forty years ago. The taunts of being called four eyes by merciless kids is forever etched into my memory. If memory serves me correctly, I may have been the only kid in my class that worse glasses in elementary.

I can not remember the number of times I lost, or broke, my glasses. It was an expensive running joke. There is one vivid memory of my Dad using a jigger trying to get ta pair of them off the harbor floor by the Government Wharf!

Those big old hard plastic frames with the thick coke bottle lenses certainly coud not take a licking. They cracked easily. There are dozens of photos of me wearing glasses that were tapped together at the centerpiece or along an arm.

I have severe astigmatism. Short of implants, I am not a candidate for contact lenses let alone laser treatment. With old age, my normally blurry vision has been further challenged by presbyobia an eye condition where the lens loses flexibility, making it harder to focus on objects up close.

Marry the pair together and you get a pair  of Progressive lenses that are very expensive but allow me to see clearly at all distances. They’re not grandpa’s bifocals – there are no lines to give away your little secret, just this post!

It turns out that Conor is near sighted, like his mom.  His 20-20 vision of two years ago is no more. The  ophthalmologist wants him to wear glasses in the classroom. The strain on his eyes has been causing some headaches. I am glad that we have a remedy. I was really happy to learn that he does not have astigmatism.

He is a little annoyed and demoralized. At the age of ten he is going to have to wear glasses. The ophthalmologist says not to worry, unlike me, there will be a permanent remedy for this in a couple of years and he will not have to worry about glasses until he is old like his dad.

First thing he asks me is if he can get a pair of Oakley or Converse frames? What I said? How do you know brand names for frames? Apparently color and style are critical elements for my fashion forward ten year-old. He replied that he does not want to be un-cool.

I am thinking durable frames. I am thinking 20% more than the $120 our insurance covers.

However, having been on the receiving end of taunts for wearing specs, I will relent and let him find a pair of frames that are cool and which may inspire him to want to wear them - within reason

And based on my own experience,  a warranty plan that will replace eyewear at no charge or for a small fee in case of damage to the frames or lenses.

It was so much cheaper when all I had to worry about was diapers and a bit of formula. The second decade of a kids life, times three, is going to be some challenging - and I have not even begun to talk about extracurricular sports like hockey and swimming or school costs; or the costs of sports equipment and shoes boys who seem to grow overnight!

The can't afford to eat red meat days are fast approaching!
nd I haven't even touched on extracurricular sports, like hockey and horseback riding, and soccer, and school-costs - See more at:

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