Monday, January 20, 2014


There has not been a conversation in our house about the recent turmoil facing Premier Dunderdale from within and without.  It was a busy evening, Conor had Shallaway, Liam had hockey down in Torbay and Aidan wanted me to help research an essay he has to write. No talk of the defection, no news on TV.

Ten minutes ago, while getting ready for bed, Conor asked his mom if anyone likes Kathy Dunderdale? Mom, my ten-year-old asked, does anyone like her?

And this is what all of the sacrifice of a political life boils down to. When you are hot - you are hot and when you are not - well you are not!

Conor, I explained, no one dislikes the Premier as a person, but as a Premier many feel she is not up to the job. They disapprove of her performance. If the captain of the team is failing to motivate and lead, morale suffers and the team loses it's focus. What happens to the captain and the coach? They get traded he replied.

I am not pointing fingers, the implosion of the P.C. administration with nearly two years remaining in their mandate is not good news.  The government may have made it's own bed - through some poor public choices and even worse communications. 

Just over two years ago, the people of this province gave Kathy Dunderdale and her team an overwhelming mandate. They found the Liberals wanting, sending only five six of them to the legislature. Now through the good fortuna of time, some  "speed bumps" in the economy, arrogance and questionable leadership - the Grits have become the only game in town.

The Liberals are gaining at the expense of the PC free-fall. Have they earned your faith? Your confidence? Your trust?

But they are better than the crowd that are there right now, right?

For the Liberals, this is the time to strike - to raise money, to pay down the debt, to organize in every cove, gut and town in the province.

This is the time to remind this province's residents that the Liberal coffers have seen some hard times because business, especially those that have benefited from their PC friends, have bloated the PC war machine. 

If the Liberals are to compete, they need to raise money. The best way to do that is to move beyond corporate donations and use this opportunity to rebuild trust, by reminding voters that they know who the real bosses are.

The Liberals should be asking the public to join the party and to contribute their time, talent and treasure to ousting the government they hold in contempt. Make everyone opposed to this government a shareholder in the Liberal Corporation.

Instead of being a crisis of leadership and democracy, this mess could become the nexus for a chrysalis that reverses the dominance of elites and offers voters government for the people!   

The people of our province want decent government. They want to have a premier that has earned their hearts, minds and trust.

Do we not deserve it!

Make it happen

get engaged

get involved

and help determine the party platform

And I did not forget the NDP, it is just that they have blown least for now.

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Anonymous said...

There were six Liberals elected. You are getting confused with your NDP that elected five.