Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Okay....here it goes.

It was some nice to hear Danny Williams on CBC Radio this afternoon addressing the the future of pro-hockey in the city.

The Winipeg Jets want their farm team to be located a lot closer to home. Right now it looks like the preferred choice is going to be Thunder Bay, Ontario. Danny says St. John's will have hockey if he has to buy a franchise!

There is the challenge faced by the IceCaps and the local entertainment industry. Our geography. That said, Danny has always worked hard in private business, as a member of the community and as our Premier to market our strengths and diminish the challenges with a solid business case that is reflected in phenomal support and ticket sales.

There is no doubt that the AHL generates big money for city businesses but Danny's biggest concern is loosing the opportunity for kids to watch the game. 

Sure he was talking hockey, but dam it he sounds so passionate, sincere, reassuring, confidant and genuine.

It is ironic to hear him on a day when his successor in the Premier's chair is facing the firing squad.

How would have William's handled the blackout crisis? It is pure speculation but I think he would have been front and center offering compassion from the start, reassuring people and insisting that he has given instructions to ensure seniors were "protected" from the crisis. He would have not been an apologist for the Utility Company. He would have acted like the CEO of the province and while working with NALCOR, there would have been no doubt who was reporting to who. Last of all, I doubt he would have called the residents of this province customers as they waited for the lights to come back on.

I miss those leadership qualities.

Let the hate mail begin.

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WJM said...

Danny Williams is the proximate cause of the problems at Nalcor. He created the stupid thing.

The capacity of certain notional Liberals to constantly make excuses for that man continues to astound me.