Sunday, December 22, 2013


One of the toughest things about digital photography is the management of thousands of pictures annually.

A recent hard drive failure gave me quite a shock. My routine of backing up my photos and burning them to a DVD on a quarterly basis fell to the wayside n 2013. Fortunately, I was able to transfer them to another drive before the hard drive failed completely.

Except for the days when I was doing exclusively black and white photos and developing the film and pictures with my own equipment, I rarely wasted film. It was expensive to develop and rolls of film only allowed for 30 or so shots. Every picture counted.

Now with large capacity digital cards, even with 20 Meg Raw images, I can take dozens of photos at any given occasion. The challenge is in the post production phase. What to keep, what to delete? I do not know about you ,but deleting pictures with my boys in them is really hard for me.  I need to get right over that because managing this volume of photos is impossible.

Every year for Mother's Day, I comb through these photo directories to put together a photo album consisting of all the images of the prior year.

As 2013 rushes to a conclusion, I have been pruning my digital pictures from 2013. Last night I found a picture from this year's Christmas Parade of a mummer. To my surprise, my youngest, Conor, was in the crowd on the opposite side of the street! A nice surprise!

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