Monday, December 16, 2013


If there was any doubt that the Progressives are not wanted on the Conservative bus, Federal Industry Minister James Moore has eliminated it.

It has been a while since the real Conservative agenda has seeped through the carefully constructed veneer of the Harper Government. Tory times are tough times for the vulnerable in society.  Income, education and social status are the guiding principles of this elite ideological vision of Canada.

The so called fear mongering about the Conservative's secret agenda has proven to be justified. They have worked by stealth, or division, to remove our traditional values of tolerance and caring. Bit by bit they have tampered with, minimized and cut social, economic, political and cultural institutions. 

They have cut science, research, aboriginal funding, unemployment insurance, human rights organizations, women's groups, environmental groups, national childcare, to name a few.

The Terra-forming of our great county and the values it stood for before Harper, continues unabated.

It is a sharp contrast from the Just Society that I believe in.

In that society you would not have a senior cabinet minister showing contempt for the poor and the hungry. The Prime Minister would not tolerate a minister writing off social programs and telling us the it is not governments role to ensure hungry children are fed, despite the fact that there are 967,000 children living in poverty in our country.

More people are learning the truth about the radical departure from our past values as they realize that Harper's Canada is leaner and much meaner. The talk of eliminating incentives to work or weaning us off our perceived entitlements has led to some radical re-engineering which has put hundreds of thousands of Canadians at risk.

Low-income families, poor seniors, the unemployed, the homeless..the marginalized and most vulnerable have been thrown on the scrap heap to give the top 20% of our population tax breaks. 

Moore has apologized for his comments, not because he is sorry or gives a rats ass about children going hungry, but because he has exposed the radical ugly truth of Canadian Conservatism.

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