Monday, December 16, 2013


I nearly had a full fledged mutiny on my hands this morning.

Despite warnings that the heavy snow and strong winds of last night did not necessarily equate to a snow day today, my boys rolled the dice. They stayed up later than they should have for school night before giving way to sleep with dreams of frolicking in the fluffy snow.

Yes Virginia, this is the Avalon Peninsula. A week of frigid temperatures evaporated. The fluffy heavy snow got wetter and wetter until it turned to freezing rain and finally cold rain.

Imagine the surprise and disdain this morning when mom and dad forced them out on their beds to go to class. I went out to shovel the heavy, wet brown sugar wall of ice packed at the foot of my drive way. My neighbor dropped over with his snow blower and cleared it up in a hurry.

Liam was freaking, raging might be a better description. The school board was too blame. They were mean, robbing the kids of an expected holiday. He was not going to school. Conor defended him. He was not going anywhere either. It was unfair.  Aidan moaned, jumped in the shower and accepted his fate.

A little sternness,  empathy and bribery got them all moving. Liam ranted and roared the whole way to Mary Queen of Peace. He refused to get out of the car until I did the stern three count.

In the end, I delivered the kids and Kristine to four different schools before jaunting up to the Confederation Building.

Winter on the Avalon truly is a slushy messy affair!

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Nancy Crozier said...

Whatever will happen when they finally make us get to "4"??