Monday, December 23, 2013


Any Mummers allowed in?

Growing up in a small outport in Fortune Bay provided me with live experiences that I would never trade in. Christmas was always a magical time. The annual time-honored tradition of Mummering would begin on Boxing Day and go on until old Christmas Day.

With new homes,  and carpet I suspect, it got a little tougher to get into houses but it was a tradition that I participated in every year.

I guess we were not the culture vultures that one finds here on the Avalon. I never heard of hobby horses or janneying. Occasionaly some one might bring along an accordion but the music was normally provided by the occupants of the house we visited. 
Folks would try and guess who we were and attempt to convince us to pull up our "faces" while we tapped our boots, disguised our voices

and enjoyed a refreshment and some dark cake. 
What I remember the most was the heat from the wood stoves in the kitchens. We would be all bundled up for the cold and than get invited into the boiler room. Sometimes you could barely manage to get out the door.

The closest we get to Mummering in here is the Mummer's Parade and decorating our tree. Yes Dell from Downtown, Ettie from Henley Harbour, Ambrose, Bridie, Fred, Rosie Tillie, Clar, Nish, Fannie and Harry adorn our tree, bringing back great memories.
Bringing them all to life might make for an interested animated short! The parties they must have when we are all fast asleep.

Krisine is particularly enamored with her Ambrose snow globe. Last night I wound it up and listened as it clicked out "We wish you a merry Christmas" as the watched the snow fall.

Here is to Christmas memories, new, old and those to come.

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