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 The harp seal question is entirely emotional.
 We have to be logical. We have to aim our 
activity first to the endangered species.
 Those who are moved by the plight of
 the harp seal could also be moved by 
the plight of the pig . . . We have to be logical. 
If we are sentimental about harp seals, 
which are not endangered because they
 are partially protected, then we have to 
also be emotional about pigs.”

 Jacques Cousteau


The boutique stores Downtown appear to be doing good business this Christmas season. The Downtown is as busy as the malls and the shopping centers on Stavanger and Kelsey Drives.
I have to confess that I am both in awe and impressed with the customer traffic going in and out of Natural Boutique and Always in Vougue on Water Street. These two stores offer a wide selection of Seal Fur products and it would appear that Seal Fur gloves, hats, parkas, scarves, purses, vests, slippers are on a lot people's wish list this year.

Over the weekend my brother and I spent some time at the Natural Boutique and  it was like Trapper John's on cheap drink night - wall to wall shoppers with products literally flying off the shelves.

Retailers are telling media types that sales are up because of last weeks publicity stunt by celebrities Pamela Anderson and Sam Simon.

Anti-seal activists have been largely successful in reducing the demand for seal with bans enacted in Mexico, The Russian Federation, the European Union and Taiwan. The anti-seal hunt propaganda machine is fed by mistruths, exaggerations and hypocrisy. The seal harvest is no different from other industries that hunt, herd, raise animals for food and skins. In many cases, seals are utilized more completely.

The hunt has become a multi-generational  cause celebrity, not to mention a cash cow. The cash machine is fueled on emotion and is devoid of logic. Newfoundlanders have been depicted as blood thirsty savages, killing hapless adorable baby seals for kicks.

If you eat meat, hunt, trap, farm or fish you understand. If you eat or wear any products that are the result of these activities than please do some investigation and make up your own mind on the myths, misinformation and realities of the hunt.

Here are a few facts:

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans enforces a carefully regulated harvest to ensure the hunt remains economically and environmentally sustainable.

It is illegal to hut baby seals. There is not and has not been a hunt for White Coats for decades yet every tear jerking propaganda ad features an adorable seal pup. You are being manipulated!

Seals are not an endangered species.

Not only are seals a great source of renewable food and clothing,  seal oil is full of Omega-3 fatty acids which are used in the prevention of arthritis, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and many other ailments.

If you are against the slaughter of any animal for food, I can understand your opposition to this hunt or any other. All I ask is that you look at the source of the anti-sealing propaganda and be logical.

Take the time to watch the infamous debate between Paul McCartney and former Premier Danny Williams. While it may not have had a lot of impact on seal bans, Williams proved that these stars are looking for profile while manipulating your emotions with disinformation and lies.

In the meantime, I wish that I could afford a seal skin jacket. Perhaps when the kids are all in University. Until than I will continue wearing my Gore-Tex material (Made from highly toxic, extremely persistent group of chemicals called perfluorochemicals (PFCs) coats to keep me warm. 

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