Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Something wonky is going on with the universe. The four billion year old comet ISON's five million year voyage to the Solar System ended with a flush when it melted because it got too close to our Sun. The Sun has been experiencing some explosive activity spewing radiation at the earth and I am blaming that for my computer woes of the past few weeks.

First my iMac's hard drive experienced a catastrophic hard drive failure. The darn machine has been away for repairs now for two weeks. Sure, I love my iPad and my Mac Air but the 27" screen is the bomb.com, as Aidan says.

As well, my old sympatico email is set-up on the iMac and I have not been using the web mail app because G-mail and my work email are enough to keep up with.

So, my Google Apps has changed the billing features for domain renewal. Apparently they wanted to inform me of this because my two year auto renewal was changed in the process. I needed to validate by Nov 18th. Missed those emails leading to the loss do my much prized polemicandparadox domain.

Like Icarus, ISON and my hard drive, P&P was toast. The grace period was past. After a week of email exchanges Econ and Google agreed that I had requested auto renewal and the transition to new software was to blame, despite their attempts to notify me.

Tonight I received an email notifying me that the registration was renewed. Like a Phoenix, Polemic and Paradox is back for another year.

Coincidently, my iMac arrived this evening. The Time Machine back-up is transferring my old files, pictures, programs, operating system and apps to the repaired machine. Crossing my fingers and hoping the universe will smile on me an restore some order to the chaos.

Stat tuned!

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