Saturday, November 23, 2013


I am not a product expert or an Apple genius, but I hate it when ill-informed sales staff sell me something that just does not do what it supposed to do. It is even more infuriating when the staff get self-indigent and refuse to listen.

I recently threw down nearly seven hundred dollars on a new IPad mini with retina display. I can not say enough about the resolution, speed and just right size.

The staff at Future Shop were very insistent that I purchase a protective case for my new gadget. It made sense to me, so they pointed out an assortment of hard cases. The best option for my new Mini was a Survivor or Lifeproof case. The cost was $60. Fair enough, who would not want to protect their investment from scratches and drops.

The problem is that these cases are designed for the last generation minis. The new Retina Display model has the exact same dimensions as the mini with the exception of the depth (mini: 0.28 inch (7.2 mm) vs. mini Retina: 0.29 inch (7.5 mm) which I was told did not matter as far as cases go.

I took the case home and tried to snap it on. The cover was too tight and would not lock-in place. I took it back to the Future Shop and was told to use some extra force, that it would fit into place. Keep in mind that these cases are made out of plastics not rubber!

Once again, I returned home, tried to make it fit, Despite my misgivings. no success. My brother, who could put an ass in a cat, gave it a try and was able to force the locks shut.

It just did not feel right, and the pressure of he plastic on the mini's screen was chasing some pressure spots to be visible. I could see a trail every time I moved my fingers along the screen. The case was too tight and it was impacting performance.

Once again, a trip to the Future Shop with case in hand. I showed the tech guys the issue. The sales people still insisted that there was no issue. In the end I purchased a new leather portfolio case.

The issue is simple, the old mini cases are designed for a machine .3 mm thinner. It does not sound like a lot but when you have no room and are dealing with a touch screen that works based on pressure points, it is a serious issue.

The makers of these cases need to re-engineer. Sellers need to stop pushing them on customers because at some point the pressure is going to seriously damage the tablets resulting in upset customers and unneeded, and costly repairs for whomever offers the warranty.

It is simple issue of math and capacity, the old case can not accommodate the new volume. You can not squeeze five gallons and one ounce of water into a five gallon bucket. The excess water spills.

In this case the dumb customer is right. I just wish the sales people would listen.

Pushing sales of cases at the expense of the tablet makes for a poor sales strategy.

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Anonymous said...

So the new iPad mini is thinner but the case is tighter?

Anonymous said...

I have about 15 pieces of handheld apple technology. Generally I am happy.

However, as the years pass, and I upgrade i am frustrated by the lack of consistency in the add ons, and the power cables.

It is nothing more than a money grab.

Anonymous said...

Since the retina mini is slightly thicker than the old mini, I put together a roundup of cases that are specifically marketed as being for the iPad mini with Retina display. Some older cases might work if they aren't very form-fitting.

Peter L. Whittle said...

KAVAJ leather case cover "Berlin" for the new Apple iPad mini is deadly. Check it out!

Anonymous said...

This is what is frustrating me with a lot of these case manufacturers. They are all just slapping the "compatible with new iPad mini retina" without realizing why they aren't. The extra thickness does make a difference. Some fit, but not properly. And the mic hole is an obvious shortcoming.

The Poetic seems like the only game in town right now other than the wildly priced Apple cases. I'm holding out for some real options.

Anonymous said...

According to apples specs the difference is 0.3mm.