Saturday, November 16, 2013


If you are reading this post chances are that you an internet connection, a smart device or a computer and some disposable income to buy a coke, a smoke, a bag of chips, a scratch ticket or a coffee every day.

What if you just forgo those personal treats this week and donate what you would have spent to help those in real need. Every dollar counts to the people of the Philippines affected by the monstrous Typhoon Haiyan /Yolanda .

The storm killed thousands and has caused widespread damage, including landslides and flooding, leaving hundreds of thousands without food, water & shelter. An earthquake in mid-October had already delve stated the region. The double calamity has created an incredible challenge for a resilient people that can not be met without our help.

Please, show your humanity and compassion by donating to the global humanitarian effort. A small sacrifice by each of us can mean a significant impact on those struggling to cope and rebuild.

Canadians wishing to help individuals affected by this storm are encouraged to make a financial donation online, at their local Red Cross office or by calling 1-800-418-1111. Please earmark donations “Typhoon Haiyan”.

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