Wednesday, November 20, 2013


It was just a week ago that I as sitting in my car cycling through emotions of frustration and amazement at the progress of the new Mundy Pond school.

Announced much later than the replacement for Virginia Park Elementary, the project has had few of the speed bumps that our project has encountered.

Today, I was pleased to join our principle for a quick update from an official from the new school board where we were presented with a site plan and a "preliminary" building schematic.

For the first time, it felt real. A brand new, two floor, two stream school with a gym as large as the current one. Some site preparation work began over the fall but the tender had to be cancelled and is in the process of being re-tendered .

The board has asked the staff and school council to review the drawings and provide input.

We expect our kids will be in the facility for the Fall of 2016.

I am hoping, considering how patient that we have been that we might open in 2005

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Nathan Whalen said...

Congrats on the incredible milestone for your school community, Peter! I know you worked hard for this!

- Nathan