Saturday, November 16, 2013


It was an agonizing wait, but I finally purchased a new iPad Mini with Retina Display.

The crisp, clear, fast scaled down tablet has lived up to my expectations. Apple has delivered, one again. The iPads just keeping getting better. This is the perfect mini-tablet!

Before getting into the bytes and bites, I have to confess that the new model is a few hundred dollars steeper - but the power and graphics are worth it!

This new baby is no toy, it is a powerful tablet with all the form, function and power of its full sized siblings. It is my tablet of choice. The mini has the same blazing fast A7 processor as the new iPad Air and the same high resolution Retina display.

A 7.9-inch display with the same 2048 x 1536 resolution higher pixel density is a joy on the eyes. Text and video look great. My iPad's display looks grainy and blurry alongside it's advanced mini cousin.

The text looks like it is printed on paper, the pictures pop out like they are in a glossy magazine. The graphics are so clean and crisp that I find myself editing pictures and using the Free iWorks applications with ease on the smaller screen.

Spending a few scarce extra dollars on this tablet, as Conor says, "was so worth it"

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