Tuesday, November 26, 2013


With memories of the red ring of death dancing through my head, Microsoft has confirmed that some consoles are defective.

The red ring of death saga on Xbox 360 cost Microsoft over a billion dollars, and it all came down to heating issues.

The company is trying to assuage customers by offering them downloadable titles while they wait for replacement units.

Following the Xbox One launch this past Friday, reports of defective disc drives prompted Microsoft to say it was "taking care of our customers" affected by hardware issues. Microsoft said defects were "affecting a very small number of Xbox One customers."

The Xbox One “disc drive of death” has become a real embarrassment for Microsoft. The console makes a noise that sounds like it’s grinding a disc to death and refuses to read anything in the drive.

The last console race was almost lost because of a problem in the hardware design. This time the stakes are higher as Microsoft supporters like myself are all ready disappointed with price, bulk , loss of the family Live package and the lack of backward compatibility. The cheaper Play Station 4 is looking like a stable alternative.

It is just the sort of thing that has made me weary of the new Xbox One and becoming an early adapter.

Let's scratch that off the Christmas Wish List.

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