Friday, November 22, 2013


Aidan has created a big fuss!

He addressed his letter to Santa in a manner that has my two believers wondering if they will get coal just for being in the same house as him.

Dear fat man in the red suit, I would like.....there was no laughter or grins, just disbelieve from Conor and Liam as they ran into the kitchen in panic.

Aidan, our mischievous teenage instigator broke the Santa rule, stop believing and he does not come!

My mom once got a lump of coal for Christmas. Such a cruel, no matter how deserving might land you in family court these days. Aidan is unimpressively nearing a severe sanction of some type!

The magic of believing is waning every year but for purely selfish reasons it would be great if Conor and Liam can get this season out of it.

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